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Meal Kits Review

What’s for Good Friday long weekend?
Fish Soup Paradise 's newly launched Meal Kits! The ingredients (prepped in appropriate portions) & materials were individually sealed & nicely packed in a plastic box, ensuring freshness, hygiene & no spillage. Easy-to-follow instructions were provided - simple steps; few minutes of preparation only!
🐔 Ginseng Chicken Soup 🐟
Just open the cooking paper over the plastic box, to hold the chicken, ginseng herbs, ginger and 400 ml of Signature Batang Broth. Tie properly & use another cooking paper & food foil to secure the pack. Cook using rice cooker or steamer for around 40 minutes and viola, nutritious soup is ready, for a great meal on rainy Good Friday evening!
Ginseng Chicken with Fish Soup? Had my doubts initially, but I was so wrong! The 3 kids asked for more, after finishing the whole meal (including the last drop of soup) with rice. Surprisingly, #SharilynGui, who usually dislikes chewing meat & couldn’t take spicy food, ate almost half of the chicken, as she was totally in love with the Chilli Lime & Taocheo dip, which whets the appetite.
🌶️ Special Chilli Lala 🐚
Love this but never cooked this at home. Seeing this fuss-free meal kit, I simply couldn’t resist but placed an order for it. Noob cook suddenly felt like pro chef, whipping out a yummy-looking dish, in a matter of minutes. Simply add garlic oil to heated pan; fry ginger & onion for 15 seconds; put in Lala, sambal chilli & Batang broth; sprinkle salt & sugar evenly; cook evenly; cover with lid & steam 5 to 7 minutes.
Conveniently packed the cooked dish in the plastic box in which the meal kit was delivered, to bring to my brother’s place to share with my sister-in-law & nephew, who were busy clearing up their place. Well-received dish with positive comments! Can taste the freshness of the good-sized
Japanese Lala infused in Signature Batang Broth and homemade sambal chilli sauce! Yummy! I'm also going to try Fish Soup Paradise affordable meal kits, that can now be bought through SPSG ( ) group buy or