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B5. Laksa Fish Broth  (Frozen) 叻沙鱼汤

B5. Laksa Fish Broth (Frozen) 叻沙鱼汤

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Laksa Fish Broth 叻沙鱼汤 - Broth may be delivered in a frozen state.

Laksa Fish Broth is brewed using our special blend of chilli, with laksa leaves and our Signature Batang fish broth. A signature heritage food u cannot miss, The Singapore Laksa!

500ml for 1 - 2 pax

1L for 2-3pax


As our broth do not contains any preservatives, do keep in freezer after receive and best consume within 6 months. Maximum 1 day in chiller.

* Please discard after 6 months