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M10. Paradise Chawanmushi 500ml x 2 SETS - 日式蒸蛋

M10. Paradise Chawanmushi 500ml x 2 SETS - 日式蒸蛋

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Paradise Chawanmushi 500ml 日式蒸蛋 Meal Kit x 2 sets

Egg Mix - 2 days in fridge
Naruto - Keep in Freezer

Ingredients Checklist :
1. Batang broth, Dashi & Egg stock 500ml
2. Naruto x4 (Frozen)

Cooking method:
1. Pour 120ml of stock into a cup (use a fine-mesh sieve for smoother texture)
2. Use 1 piece of naruto per cup.
3. Make sure to cover the cup with a lid so that water vapour do not get in.
4. Bring the water to boil, reduce to low heat/fire and place cup in the steamer
5. Steam for 15 minutes.
6. Ready to eat and its unique blend of a Teochew &Japanese flavour is not only delicious and nutritious, its also first of its kind. It is the number one kid's favourite and you can add in your favourite seafood too.